Im Viadukt ...14
8005 Zürich

The times have past when going to the gym for a workout was such a chore if you wanted to stay in shape. Because the people who go to Balboa in Viadukt do it voluntarily – and they can hardly wait to go again. Balboa is not your typical gym; Balboa is a movement. Its motto “body and heart go together, living and training too” defines fitness in a completely new way and the lifestyle of urbanites with it. Of course, you have to train hard here, but there are always more unconventional solutions too. Like in training units that are fun – and even a bit addictive. Whether for group training sessions, for runners with a passion for jogging, or for sports fans who would just rather avoid run-of-the-mill fitness clubs: Balboa moves them all. And all of their senses.