Lagerstrasse 16b
8004 Zürich

A concept guided by a meatless, vegan vision but open to all: Beetnut is the first plant-based restaurant in Switzerland. Nutritious, regional and seasonal ingredients are prepared with lots of love and dedication here and dished up as warm bowls or crispy salads, inspired by tastes from all corners of the globe. Beetnut is vegan through and through – well, almost; guests are free to order an organic egg with their meal if they please, for instance, at Sunday brunch where they can check out of their daily routine and into enjoying both healthy and delicious food until 4pm. The vegetables in this dapper restaurant – that brings lots of warmth to the table not only with the food it serves but also thanks to its cosy interior – are all organically produced... naturally. Superfood with a capital SUPER! Or amazing for that matter. All plant-based delicacies from Beetnut, by the way, are also available to go for a quick snack and served in eco-friendly packaging.