F+F Schule für Kunst und Design

Flurstrasse 89
8047 Zürich

T 044 444 18 88

VBZ: Flurstrasse 89

Welcome to the runway for a career in fashion! For more than 40 years, the F+F School of Art and Design has proven its keen eye when it comes to spotting the latest trends. The oldest and largest private art and design school in all of Switzerland sharpens its students’ creative senses in the areas of art, film, photography, graphic design or visual communication – and since 2014, now also in the area of fashion design! In six semesters, the course Fashion Design HF teaches every aspect of the vocation from initial drafts and designs through to production. The school also offers a one-year, extra-occupational FE course in Clothing Design, which serves as direct preparation for a shortened course in Fashion Design. And for the early birds who just can’t wait to design their own fashion creations, the F+F School of Art and Design also offers courses for young fashion enthusiasts age eleven and older.