John Baker

Molkenstrasse 15
8004 Zürich

T 044 281 92 92

It is hard enough to look at them, yet alone stomach them: so-called baked goods from ubiquitous big distributors the likes of Migros and Coop. And that while long-established bakeries continue to disappear. It’s high time for John Baker. The young bakery is the brainchild of Jens “Jimmy” Jung, who comes from a long line of bakers himself and has set his mind to the ambitious goal of baking the best bread in all of Zurich. To do so, the passionate bakerman works meticulously until he gets the job done like no other. Or to stick to superlatives: the bread made by John Baker is not only the finest, most crispy, freshest, most lovingly baked, most sustainably produced and most organic all over town, it is also – what else – the quickest.