Schule für Gestaltung Zürich

Ausstellungsstrasse 104
8005 Zürich

T 044 446 97 77

VBZ: Museum für Gestaltung 4, 13, 17

«Design your future!» That’s the slogan of Zurich’s design school: the competence centre for media, form & colour – and imparting information both graphi­cally & visually, the creative design of communication and helping to shape our environment are what it promotes. The focus is on teaching professional tools for business practice while encouraging stu­dents to fulfil their potential. Competence and individual specialization are the basic requirements for success in the design industry and the basis for innovation – while new ideas are the prerequisite for the progress needed to shape the world of tomorrow. The lively neighbourhood of Zurich’s design school on Limmatplatz is the best place for theory to flow into prac­tice so that the knowledge acquired is deep and incomparable – effectively.