Badenerstrasse 89
8004 Zürich

Mon–Wed 10.00-19.00
Thu-Fri 10.00-20.00
Sat 9.00-17.00

VBZ stop: Bezirksgebäude
Tram/Bus No.: 2, 3

Whoever steps foot into Schuh-Café can immediately tell why owner & go-getter Marco Bloch has been honored reliably with his loyal, regular clientele for decades. The collections from European shoe manufacturers offered here captivate with their timeless elegance and high-quality workmanship, thanks to which those who wear the shoes always walk through life comfortably and light-footed. Nomen est omen: Customers who enter the original Schuh-Café are always offered an espresso brewed according to an old Italian recipe, appropriately named Don Marco.