Hardturmstrasse 66
8005 Zürich

Mon–Fri 8.00–23.00
Sat–Sun 9.30–19.30

VBZ stops: Förrlibuckstrasse 8, 17

With a bar, books and “the boards that mean the world” as poet Friedrich Schiller put it – this is where three Bs come full Sphère! And Sphères has been a success story from day one. Almost twenty years ago, this eclectic mix of a book store, café and live stage already set up shop in the industrial district back when it was still up-and-coming. And just like today, it was right on time. Sphères is where bibliophiles meet coffee junkies, and a loyal clientele of regulars from the neighbourhood meets trendsetters from all over town. This is the place where tout Zurich comes together – whether young or old, hipster or VIP... or completely cool with being normal.