Bäckerstrasse 56
8004 Zürich

Tue–Fri 11.00–18.30
Sat 11.00–17.00

VBZ stops:
Helvetiaplatz, Tram/Bus No.: 8, 32
Stauffacher, Tram/Bus No.: 2, 3, 9, 14

Uniqum concept store isn’t just a store. It’s a cosmos of its own, overflowing with creativity as peerless and unique as its name. Owners Dorothe Andermatt and Mirjam Haas have assembled a collection of intriguing, distinctive and attractive design pieces from workshops at home and abroad and quite unlike any other. Lovingly arranged in the shop’s constantly changing interior, they bring customers seeking gifts for everyday and not-so-everyday use to the mecca of feel-good vibes in Bäckerstrasse. In short: Uniqum.