Buchhandlung Sec52

Josefstrasse 52
8005 Zürich

Mon–Fri 10.30–18.30
Sat 10.30–17.00

VBZ stops:
Museum für Gestaltung, Tram/Bus No.: 4, 13, 17
Röntgenstrasse, Tram/Bus No.: 32

Sec52 is a paradise of the printed word and a desert island for stranded readers. For 33 years, the store’s driving force has been the infectious enthusiasm of bookseller and publisher Ricco Bilger. He and Nora Schwyn take readers away to the sensuous worlds awaiting them between two book covers. And this is where they all come together: aficionados of poetry and fiction, fans of the typographical letter and the film noir, fashionistas and readers who dance under the volcano with Lowry, analogue lovers and the polyphonic.