Claudia Güdel

Bäckerstrasse 56
8004 Zürich

Tue–Fri 11.00–19.00
Sat 11.00–17.00

VBZ stops:
Helvetiaplatz, Tram/Bus No.: 8, 32
Bezirksgebäude, Tram/Bus No.: 2, 3

Claudia Güdel takes her time with her designs. She still works by hand creating her patterns with paper, sissors and a bust. With subtlety, darts are made to disappear, seams metamorphose into lines, and pockets are integrated into the designs like micro architectural constructions. Claudia Güdel skillfully combines high-quality functional materials with natural fibers, thus creating a 24–hour Women- and Menswear which withstands the challenges of everyday life and weather. By blending functionality with elegance she creates empowering designs. It’s time to discover this one-of-a-kind label.