Freitag Sweat-Yourself-Shop

Grüngasse 21
8004 Zürich

Tue–Fri 11.30–19.00
Sat 11.00–17.00

VBZ stops:
Bezirksgebäude, Tram/Bus No.: 2, 3
Werd, Tram/Bus No.: 9, 14

For everyone who is always better at everything or has always wanted to design their own Freitag bag: The first Freitag Sweat-Yourself Shop on Grüngasse is a DIY workshop. Freitag has now taken its production line into the shop so customers can create their one-of-a-kind, truck-tarp bag by the sweat of their brow. Hobby designers select different coloured tarp pieces for an F718 BUH and then wait while enjoying an apéro until the hard-working crew is finished sewing their unique bag. They can then stroll through town, head held high with pride.