Kari Kari

Kalkbreitestrasse 43
8003 Zürich

T 044 450 20 55

Mon–Fri 11.30–18.30
Sat 11.00–17.00

Buy less – choose well! At Kari Kari, these are sincere words to live by. Because for Nina, who has run this thought-through concept store for women’s & men’s fashion as well as accessories since 2018, sustainability is not an empty sales promise. In fact, Kari Kari even takes it a step further and is dedicated entirely to slow fashion – which is why only labels make it into her handpicked assortment that offer timelessly modern, high-quality products for buyers to enjoy for a long time and not only for the length of a season trend. Our opinion with an attitude: Buy more at Kari Kari!