Keramik Jasna Strukelj Gmür

Anwandstrasse 28
8004 Zürich

T 078 889 42 76

Tue–Fri 10.00–18.00

The art of crafting pottery is a process. It starts with a lump of clay. Perhaps, not very much to look at in the beginning, it is kneaded, and centered, walls are pulled up, it is shaped, twisted, raw fired, glazed, and finally, glaze fired – to ultimately yield the envisioned object. Jasna’s focus is on items of daily use, which she sells to individual customers, restaurants, and cafes. Besides designing and handcrafting ceramics, she loves the social side of her work – how it brings her together with others. On several occasions each month, she holds courses, such as “Pottery on the Electric Wheel”, which can be booked directly with her.