Lagerstrasse 104
8004 Zürich

VBZ stop: Militär-/Langstrasse 31, 32

Kosmos is not only a universe of culinary delights but also of high culture – from greater arthouse cinema in six theatres to podium discussions and even exhibitions. The book salon on the first floor is dedicated to the diagnosis of our times. The selection includes books with a thing or two to say or show about our present day and age – from important issues to the outrageous or entertaining – and is often related to the events at Kosmos or the films on the programme. Awaiting guests at the bar are coffee and tea, a piece of cake or a glass of wine. The restaurant on the ground floor with its sunny "Piazza" invites guests to French bistro cuisine with influences from all over the world. Zurich may not be the centre of the universe, but Kosmos is the new universe for folks of all stripes on a stroll through town – who bring to the City of Zwingli a bit more kosmo(s)politan flair.