Manu Propria

Josefstrasse 50
8005 Zürich

Tue–Fri 10.00–18.30
Sat 10.00–17.00

VBZ stops:
Museum für Gestaltung, Tram/Bus No.: 4, 13, 17
Röntgenstrasse, Tram/Bus No.: 32

In thirteen years, Manu Propria has established itself as one of Zurich’s first ports of call for insiders with vision or trendsetters taking the long view when it comes to customized eyewear. The store offers a range of fashionable, yet classically timeless glasses to suit any taste or face. And Manu Propria brings a close eye for detail to what it does best. All spectacles from the innovative Zurich-based label are painstakingly handmade to measure from acetate and, in their own inimitable way, an unmistakable reflection of the wearer’s personality.