Tenz Langstrasse

Hohlstrasse 44
8004 Zürich

T 076 816 80 44

Mon-Tue 11.30–14.00, 17.30–23.00
Fri 11.30–14.00, 17.30-24.00
Sat 16.00–24.00
Sun 16.00–22.00

The sign says ‘Bierhalle zum Krokodil’ in ornamental lettering on the facade of the house at Hohlstrasse 44. The listed building, which has stood on the corner of Hohl-/Langstrasse since 1892, has seen many a bizarre night in its time. Time does go by, and the beer hall is now a momo temple. Alongside Tibetan specialities, there is still plenty of singing and dancing at Tenz Langstrasse.