Visitor Store

Badenerstrasse 119
8004 Zürich

Mon–Fri 11.00–19.00
Sat 11.00–18.00

VBZ stops:
Kernstrasse, Tram/Bus No.: 32
Bezirksgebäude, Tram/Bus No.: 2, 3

Surfing is a passion. And nowhere in Zurich will you feel that passion more directly than at the Visitor Store. The owners aren’t merely riding the crest of some (fashion) wave but have devoted their energy to surfing for over ten years. Bearing witness are the fabulous collection of KIRO surfboards, a selected range of matching surf and casual wear, and a choice of books and magazines. And because surfing takes a lot of energy, Visitor also offers some of the best coffee around, both for hard-core surfers and passersby. Worth a visit!